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OrigamX is the result of 2 years of R&D and the best of Black Tank’s entertainment and theatrical lighting technology. The name OrigamX is a combination of Origami, the art of folding flat objects into alternate forms and structures, and “X” to highlight the technology. Technical features include a patented Thermal System, Proprietary and Patented Electronics Platform, Patented Calibration system and more.

Proprietary Light “Recipes”| >90 CRI at every CCT

OrigamX light fixtures are composed of RGBA LED’s that mix to produce 2000K-10,000K CCT white light. These proprietary recipes are created in our in-house photometrics lab to produce the highest CRI possible from the color mix. 

  • 2,000K to 10,000K range
  • Highest Possible CRI from color mix
  • Allows for easy set up

DUAL MODE | Smoothly Tune From White to Color

When an OrigamX fixture is set to Dual mode, the fixture can be set to tune seamlessly from white light to dynamic color mixing with DMX. During integration with a DMX controller, you can easily create and schedule scenes that incorporate white light and color with just a couple clicks.

  • White Light or Color Mixing in one Light
  • Removes the need for additional fixtures
  • Changing modes is as easy as moving a fader

Ludicrous Mode | Full power at every setting

OrigamX LED’s patented driver is designed to leave no power on the table. Ludicrous mode redirects full power to output maximum brightness at every color or CCT. This eliminates the need to select a specific fixed color temperature while specifying because output will remain consistent across tuning range and color mixing spectrum.

  • Allows full output capability no matter what the setting
  • Up to 4x the brightness with Ludicrous mode
  • Maximum power in a tiny fixture

Thermal Management | Full life span at every setting

Patented heat sink technology dissipates maximum amounts of heat from the RGBA surface mounted LED chips. With our thermal management technology, Ludicrous mode can produce maximum light output without affecting fixture life.

  • Dissipates maximum amounts of heat keeping the fixture cool
  • Enables us to use our patented ludicrous mode
  • Allows full output capability