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Designed For Your Application

Compact and Powerful

Ultra-compact, modular form factor uses Black Tank’s patented heat sink to provide a superior 16 watts and 7000 CBCP in a compact 2” diameter fixture.

DMX and 100% Compliant RDM

Black Tank’s theatrical grade dimming technology has been used on Broadway and in critical dynamic environments around the world.

Specified Easily

Modular design allows Lighting Designers, End Users and Architects, and Interior Designers to collaborate on housing, mounting and lighting specs in a modern, streamlined product configurator.

Quality of Light

Proprietary binning, integral color calibration, the highest quality optics and cutting edge solid-state zoom option provides a next-generation tool for applications requiring quality and flexibility.

Ludicrous Mode

Automatically redirect full 16W of fixture power to any single LED for brightness up to 4x more than conventional fixtures. Our fixtures provide consistent output through the entire tunable white and dynamic color spectrum.

Advanced Control Options

Patented Hybrid Driver Circuitry provides unique control features – including Ludicrous Mode, master dimmer control, up to 16khz and incredibly smooth, theatrical grade dimming to 0%.

All in One

RGBA Color Mixing

Color Mixing RGBA Can Effortlessly Produce 16 Million Colors


Tuneable White

Tuneable White Offers Continuous Variable Color From 2000k to 10,000k – All Over 90CRI


Fixed White

Fixed White Offers a Static CCT 2000k to 10,000k – All Over 90CRI

Quality of Light

Proprietary binning, integral color calibration, the highest quality optics and cutting edge solid-state zoom option provides Lighting Designers and Architects with a next-generation tool for a variety of applications.

Medi-O Features
  • Full speed 100% RDM/DMX compliant theatrical grade dimming and control.
  • 4 LED RGBA Light engine – DMX settable dual mode: smoothly mix through full tunable white and color mixing spectrum
  • High quality optics minimizes wasted light
  • Solid-State variable continuous Zoom lens option (DMX-controllable from 8 – 50 degrees)
  • Ludicrous mode enables full 16W (up to 7000 CBCP) output at any CCT or color (any setting) eliminating the need to select a specific CCT while ordering.
  • >90 CRI using CCT
  • Proprietary color binning and calibration with extremely tight color consistency
  • Patented calibration electronics for best in class consistency of output
  • Patented separately regulated voltage and current independently maintains PWM resolution through the entire dimming range.
  • Select 1 of 4 filament fade settings (off, slow, medium or fast) to emulate the lag experienced when adjusting the brightness of an incandescent bulb.
  • Master Dimmer allows a color or CCT to be set and then dimmed using a single DMX control channel
  • Field serviceable and future proof design (LED replacements and software updates)
  • Auto Data Logging – Tracks runtime and on/off cycles to support future planning
Mounting Options

Track Mounting

Pendant Mounting

Stem Mounting

Monopoint Knuckle Mounting

DMX Personalities

Personality 1 – 8 Bit Color
Gives the user 4 DMX channels of raw color control

Personality 2 – 16 Bit Color
Gives the user 8 DMX channels of color control (coarse and fine for each color) allowing ultra-smooth fades

Personality 3 – 8 Bit Color with Master Dimmer
Gives the user 4 DMX channels of raw color control with a fifth channel for overall intensity

Personality 4 – CCT Mode
Gives the user one DMX channel for CCT and one channel for intensity.  All CCT recipes are over 90CRI.

Personality 5 – Dual Mode
A single channel of DMX can be used to flip between 8 Bit Color Mode and CCT Mode to enable both to be used without switching personalities.

Personality 6 – Single Color Fixed Mode
Locks in one color or CCT which can be dimmed using 1 channel of DMX

Personality 7 – NO PWM Mode
Gives the user 4 channels of raw color control without the use of PWM.

*All personalities utilize one additional DMX channel for fixtures with variable zoom installed
*Personality 1-6 provide optional 4 kHz or 16 kHz PWM modes for flicker free operation.

Technical Specs

Input Voltage

Power Consumption
16W (DC Input) at 100%

Power Input
RJ45 Cable or Track Head (Power and Data)

LED Options
RGBA Color Mixing, Tunable White and Fixed White

Lumen Maintenance
80,000 hours B50 L70 at 45C (LM-79-08 Standard)

Lumen Output
CBCP is 7000 @ 8 Degrees (400 Lumens)


Color Range
4.2 billion discrete mixes (256 x 256 x 256 x 256)

DMX/RDM: 8 or 16 bit DMX512

Operating Temperature
-13° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)

0 – 95% non-condensing

4 3/8″ x 2 1/4″ (11cm x 6cm)

8oz (0.23 kg)

FCC Class B Radiated and Conducted
ETL / UL Standards 2108
cETL / CSA C22.2 No. 250.0
UL8750 and CSA 250.13
CE / IP20 Rated