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ORIGAMX | Applications

OrigamX provides infinitely flexible light output for your most demanding applications. Born from theater roots, the fixtures provide world-class dimming capabilities, full-range color mixing and CCT adjustment, and a variety of housings and installation types to support a range of architectural applications. The fixtures make it easy to create dynamic lighting environments and will work seamlessly with any DMX controller on the market.

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Museum and Gallery

>90 CRI and full output at any CCT means you don’t need to specify a CCT before purchasing. Set it and reset it as needed. Dynamically Zoom to your interchangeable exhibits.

Restaurants and Bars

Set the mood and create the vibe with tunable white during the day and high quality colors at night. Dynamically zoom to your party and table size.

Office and Conference

Morning meetings, lunch and learns, late nights working and cocktails all need different energies and different light settings. Have them all with one fixture.

Retail and Education

Discreet and compact means more focus on the subjects, not the fixtures. Powerful and consistent means more illumination at every setting.

Theatrical and Entertainment

The front of house can be controlled by DMX too. Take full advantage of OrigamX to set the scene for your show.